St Anthony Main Wedding Engagement // MN Couples // Megan & Patrick

St Anthony Main Wedding Engagement // Megan & Patrick

I love shooting engagement sessions in any season but the springtime in early May can be an especially beautiful time for an engagement session.  I would be shooting Megan & Patrick’s very special wedding only months later.  I personally think it’s important for all couples to have an engagement photography session before their wedding.  It gives us a chance to work together and see how you feel in front of the camera.  This particular St Anthony Main wedding engagement session was simple and sweet and it couldn’t have been a more delightful day.  Also, I love capturing the lilacs in that May-June period – they always look amazing in photos!

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St Anthony Main Wedding Engagement

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Twin Cities Engagement Photographer // Minnesota Engagement

Twin Cities Engagement // Kyle & Kristi

A Minnesota Engagement on the Kenilworth Trail

When I’m shooting an engagement, I never feel like I’m just going through the motions or copying shots I’ve done before.  An engagement session is a fantastic chance to get to know each other a bit ahead of the wedding, to see how you feel in front of the camera and to celebrate this moment in time before your wedding day.  I currently include engagement sessions in all my wedding collections for that reason!  This particular Twin Cities engagement session with Kyle & Kristi was one of my favorites.  What made it great?  Check out my thoughts below.

The couple at their Twin Cities Engagement session

Engagement Session Mood

Every couple has a sort of mood they prefer.  Some couples meet more irreverent and playful, some couples might prefer more classically romantic & serious shots.  I really try to gauge the preferences of a couple ahead of the shoot.  What are their personalities like?  What appeals to them? What drew them to my work?  This gives me a sense of how to frame the shoot and what sorts of shots I’ll be after. Since Kyle & Kristi are a more playful couple, upbeat & whimsical interactions worked best.

Engagement Session Props

I always ask the couples I work with if there’s any sorts of props they’d like to bring to the shoot.  I describe that these props might set the scene (i.e. picnic blanket set-up) or can be purely decorative.  For this shoot we had a picnic set-up with some champagne.  I think these sorts of touches are great and add variety to the full collection of images.  It gives the couple something to do and it can be fun.

Playing Around

You’ll notice that some of the images included here feature Kyle & Kristi sharing some playful moments.  Those action shots are some of my favorite in their collection.  It’s important to include a variety of images in any collection and I find that playful in-between moments like the one below blend nicely with some of the more classic portraits.  As a photographer, finding those moments take a bit of practice – I often prompt the couple to sort of goof off for a moment, or do some sort of playful action.   This prompts laughter and usually that’s when you get those good shots.

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